Utilizing an array of extravagant colours to create layers, dimension, and depth in paintings that are both simple and complex.


Every one of his pieces is unique, enthralling, and tells a story of time using the natural flow of paint. Evolving as an artist, he strives to always push the boundaries of his work and employs new techniques to continuously challenge himself. His floor pieces are an example of his creativity to make use of everything around him. 


Hailing from the Niagara Region, Sirignano is a self taught multidisciplinary artist that has been producing works since 2016. His main focus is acrylic paint because of its texture retention when thrown. Throwing paint is and always will be his main focus however, he produces art in many different forms that are highlighted here in "projects"


Today his work is featured at restaurants, shops, and Ferox Winery where he is the Resident Artist. Rob is actively utilizing his style of painting in collaboration with local designers and other artisans to create one off luxury pieces of usable art.